Acer Chromebook Spin 714 review


In the always developing scene of PCs, Acer has reliably conveyed gadgets that balance execution, plan, and reasonableness. The Acer Chromebook Twist 714 is no exemption, offering a convincing blend of flexibility and power. As a 2-in-1 Chromebook, it expects to take special care of clients looking for a gadget that consistently changes among PC and tablet modes while bridling the effectiveness of Chrome operating system.

Design and build quality

The Acer Chromebook Twist 714 goes for a rich, proficient look with a dull silver metallic skeleton that seems to utilize a mix of metal and plastic boards. It’s like the vibe of Acer’s standard Windows PCs, however Acer adds a touch of pizazz with chrome show pivots and a slighter bigger chrome Acer logo.

Assemble quality is perfect at the cost. A thick metal showcase cover downplays show flex and gives a feeling of haul and sturdiness not tracked down in comparatively estimated Windows PCs. The presentation pivots are well tuned, as well, giving sufficient protection from keep the showcase set up, however not such a lot of that the presentation can’t be opened with one hand.

The Twist 714 is sensibly simple to pack, yet it’s not the littlest 2-in-1 or PC you’ll find. It estimates a piece over a foot wide, very nearly nine inches down, and 0.71 inches thick. It’s comparative in size to Mac’s MacBook Expert 14 and Microsoft’s Surface PC 5 13.5-inch, yet thicker — somewhat of a shock, truly, given the Twist 714’s unobtrusive equipment. Its weight is more mid-pack at 3.02 pounds: not the lightest 14-inch gadget, but rather likewise distant from the heaviest. The Acer Quick X 14, a PC with RTX 4050 discrete designs, weighs only a couple of tenths of a pound more.

Keyboard, trackpad

Acer’s console takes advantage of the space managed by the Chromebook Twist 714’s body. The composing experience is phenomenal, particularly for a 2-in-1 with a sub-$1,000 sticker cost. I partook in the console’s critical key travel and tight, fresh lining activity. The console permits somewhat more flex along its middle than I would like, however hosing my enthusiasm is sufficiently not.

The format is extensive, with enormous keys on the two sides of the console. Like all Chromebooks, the Twist 714 replaces the standard capability column with a bunch of capability keys intended for ChromeOS. They can be utilized to change screen brilliance and sound volume, snap a screen capture, or reload a site page, among different capabilities.

Console backdrop illumination is standard and turned on naturally. The splendor is very much blocked out of the crate and can be changed to one of five brilliance settings by squeezing the Alt key in mix with the screen brilliance capability keys.

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Display, audio

Opening the Acer Chromebook Twist 714 uncovers a 14-inch touchscreen with a 16:10 viewpoint proportion and 1,920 x 1,200 goal. It’s not the most alluring showcase, yet it’s appropriate to the 2-in-1’s motivation.

The showcase’s goal works out to a pixel thickness of 161 pixels for every inch. That is not high for a 2-in-1 or PC in 2023, yet it’s like the goal of a 27-inch 4K screen. Text, pictures, and video look fresh and sharp with no undeniable pixelation around little text styles.

Picture quality is generally fine. Acer sticks with a regular IPS LCD that conveys fair difference and an unobtrusive variety range. The showcase looks OK all alone yet a piece dull whenever contrasted with a PC with a more current presentation innovation, similar to OLED. Most such workstations are more costly, taking everything into account, yet some — like the Asus Zenbook 14X OLED — aren’t substantially more.

The showcase is a touchscreen, obviously, and can be utilized to explore ChromeOS and some Android applications. ChromeOS, similar to Windows, has battled to overcome any barrier between a work area, mouse-driven point of interaction and versatile, contact driven insight. Literally nothing about the stock ChromeOS experience urges clients to contact the presentation — running against the norm, most symbols are little and challenging to tap precisely.

Yet, not all things can be accused on Google. This is a three-pound 2-in-1 that actions 0.71 inches thick, and that implies it’s off-kilter to use as a tablet for any timeframe. Talking by and by, I just found the touchscreen helpful for watching YouTube or Netflix in “tent mode,” which overlap the console back to use as a presentation stand.

Sound quality is fair, as well, however average for a cheap PC. The speakers sound powerless at most extreme volume and come up short on low-end oomph to do equity to music or films. They’re fine for digital recordings or video calls yet in any case disappoint.

Chrome OS and Productivity

As a Chromebook, the Twist 714 sudden spikes in demand for Google’s Chrome operating system, known for its straightforwardness and productivity. With fast boot times and programmed refreshes, clients can zero in on their assignments without the issue of manual upkeep. The mix of Google Work area improves efficiency, offering a set-up of uses for word handling, bookkeeping sheet creation, and cooperative work.


The Acer Chromebook Twist 714 is among the most remarkable Chromebooks as of now accessible. It has an Intel Center i5-1335U processor, 8GB of memory, and a 256GB PCIe NVMe strong state drive. These are solid determinations for a Chromebook and give strong benchmark results.

CrXPRT 2: 184
Speedometer: 299
Basemark Web 3.0: 1194.67
Kraken: 469.9ms
Jetstream 2: 244.199
These figures effectively rout more seasoned and more affordable Chromebooks like the Lenovo IdeaPad Thin 3 Chromebook. Yet, more current models like the Asus Chromebook In addition to CX34 (which has an AMD Ryzen 3 7230C processor) can give generally comparative execution. That is somewhat of an issue, not on the grounds that the Twist 714 is slow, but since it’s moderately costly contrasted with certain other options.

In all honesty, however, I don’t know it makes a difference. Chromebooks aren’t particularly requesting by plan — they’re basically implied for getting to cloud-based administrations, all things considered. The Chromebook Twist 714 flew among applications and effectively took care of twelve open program tabs.

Designs execution was blended. The PC depends on Intel Iris Xe illustrations, which is generally able for a Chromebook. Most accessible games are Android titles from the Google Play Store, nonetheless, so both execution and steadiness can be patchy. Aftermath Asylum was fine, however Vital mission at hand collided with the work area. Pokemon Join played without a hitch, however it didn’t perceive console input, so I needed to utilize the touchscreen to control my personality — off-kilter, no doubt.

Capacity is an advantage. The quick PCie NVMe drive gives a noteworthy 256GB. That is gobs for a Chromebook, since there’s no capacity weighty applications to introduce.

Battery Life

One of the champion highlights of the Twist 714 is its great battery duration. With a guaranteed battery duration of as long as 10 hours, clients can go through an entire day of work or diversion without continually looking for an electrical plug. This pursues it a brilliant decision for clients who are generally in a hurry.

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